Today, with the contraction of the economy, many families cannot pay their credit card debts . This results in the fact that banks give the person to the lawyer in order to collect the credit card debts . These borrowing rates peaked during the AKP period . While the total amount of unpaid credit card debts in 2002 was 222 million TL , the statistics in recent years have increased by 25 times to approximately 6 billion TL .

As such, these debts to lawyers make consumers difficult. Consumers’ unconscious spending causes debts to increase day by day.Today, we will try to answer the question of how to configure the credit card debt to the lawyer.


How To Configure The Credit Card Debt To The Lawyer?

How To Configure The Credit Card Debt To The Lawyer?

First of all, you should know that you have to pay your credit card debt regularly. Debts to banks cannot be used with debts to your spouse and friend. You should never delay your debt, delaying your debt will result in a lower credit rating.

Let’s say you could not pay your debt and your credit card debt went to the lawyer. You will be sought by lawyers for your credit card debt to the lawyer. Calling lawyers will try to scare you to get your credit card debt as soon as possible.

Generally, they will come to your house in the threats they make the most. Consumers are not afraid of these threats and will not even go to their next phone. This situation makes things even worse.

If your credit card debt is gone to the lawyer, do not respond to the lawyer’s phone certainly. Even if you can’t really pay your credit card debt, go to the phones. It is very important that lawyers can find a counterpart in front of them. Even keeping them busy can save you time.


Save Time

If your credit card debt is gone to the lawyer, you may probably be suffering financially. If you do not have the ability to pay in the short term , you can find a small amount of money from your neighborhood and say that this is the only money you can give for now and that you will pay again as soon as possible. But be careful not to give dates.

They may not allow you to configure your credit card debt at this stage. They usually ask for a portion of the total debt in cash to configure the credit card debt to the lawyer.




If you have the ability to pay, always negotiate with lawyers. You must say that you are unable to pay for your credit card debt. But it won’t be easy to convince lawyers, you should be convincing.

Just specify that you want to pay the main money and not the attorneys’ fees. Such offers are important in bargaining, even if they do not accept them. Bargaining is crucial to persuading credit card debt to be structured.



If the attorney has agreed to restructure the credit card debt, you should immediately prepare a payment plan and make payments under that plan. You must promise your lawyer that you will not interrupt your payments.


Keep Your Promise


Finally, pay your credit card debt on time. It is very important that you make your payments on time. Payments that are not made on time may violate the agreement between you and the lawyer and may give you the right to request the full debt.

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